Students at Waipahu High School participated in the Dr. Charles K. Nishioka 4-Way Test Essay Contest. The entries were judged according to how well the writer understood and applied Rotary's Four-Way Test of the things we think, say and do. Here's the winning entry by Alexandrea Josele Uson.
Alexandrea Josele Uson 
29 October 2014 

The Dr. Charles K. Nishioka 4-Way Test Essay Contest Entry 
Secondary knowledge is knowledge that we learn through books and school. Like how to multiply 7 by 3 or how to identify parts of speech. So if that is secondary knowledge, what is before that? Primary knowledge, it is knowledge that we, as human beings, learn naturally. Whether it may be how to walk and talk or sprint and shout and everything in between. As we grow, we establish values to live by. I live by being responsible, trustworthy, and passionate. 
Responsibility is taking care of your priorities. Responsibility is also owning up to your faults. As the oldest child in the family, it was a value I have been entrusted with. I have been the president of the Interact Club for the last three years. It has probably been the most responsibility I have taken in my life, to be taking care of an entire club-a classroom full of people. When I started this position, I felt that I was not ready; I was just a sophomore. I was only a member for one year, my freshman year. I did not know what to expect other than to keep the club up and running. As time went by, it became easier to do because I realized that I have been doing something like this all my life, at home with my family. 
When I took this position, the former advisors and officers trusted me to keep the club running. Taking this position was telling them that I can do it, that they can trust me, that I am reliable. I do not like to disappoint anyone, I do not feel good about myself if I do. Being trustworthy is part of maintaining relationships with people. "Will it bring goodwill and better friendships?" Being trustworthy and reliable will. No one wants to have relations with 
someone that does not bring their half to the table. It is fair to treat others the way you would want to be treated.
Passion is what you feel when you are doing something you love. I keep coming back to Interact and keep being the president because I love what I do. I love making a difference in a world. I love seeing my members happy. I love seeing the smiles on peoples' faces that I have helped. Passion drives me. 
Identifying our values as we live is crucial. We establish these values and we live by them. It makes life happy because our values let us know what is most important to us. Decisions become easier to make, decisions that follow the 4-way test.