Our drive to collect Back To School supplies for the Waipahu area schools continues. On Jan. 17, 2014, we had a school supplies drive in front of American Savings Bank at the Waipahu Town Center. We added a good amount of supplies to our collection which we will distribute in the fall. More details below.
Note to Rotary Club of West Pearl Harbor members:
We will need to work with the management of Longs Drugs that is adjacent to the American Savings Bank Waipahu. Longs Drugs has a sales section of Back To School supplies sometime in the summer closer to the Autumn Back To School season. This will make it easier for potential donors to purchase supplies and drop them off at our collection station on the day of the Drive.
Publicity would be helpful to potential donors so that they will have some notice to plan to bring their donations to our collection station on the day of the Drive, or else have some money put aside to purchase their donations at the Longs Drugs. We will need to enter a calendar item in the MidWeek in the weeks leading up to the day of the Drive.
Throughout the summer, Rotary members can bring their school supplies donation to the West Pearl Harbor meetings, and we will continue to collect them. For those members planning to join the group traveling to Cambodia for the ribbon-cutting, please remember to bring your school supplies or cash donation before you leave for your trip.