Officers from the Honolulu Police Department visited our club to present crucial information about "Active Shooters."
Officer Kevin Kadooka and Officer Hirano visited us on Feb. 10 to present the subject of "Active Shooters." Although most of us, if ever presented with the situation of an active shooter invading our office, school, or other place, would struggle to keep calm, the officers gave us some simple things to keep in mind.
Being as clear and concise as possible when calling 911 may save the first responders some precious seconds to receive our information and act upon it. A recording of a 911 call during the Columbine shooting revealed that the caller first asked for an ambulance. While the 911 dispatcher was mobilizing an ambulance, it became evident that the caller was undergoing a shooting incident. This cost some time, as the 911 dispatcher then needed to switch over to mobilizing the police force.
Other helpful things to keep in mind were discussed by the officers. Although still a scary situation, having a solid plan of escape, or else hiding, will minimize being the victim of such a violent crime. Thank you, Honolulu Police Department, for the daily work of protecting our City and County!